When charm, passion and professionalism is combined into a quality singer – a Star is born. The long road  of the Finnish popular music singer Heidi Pakarinen has gone through gigs and concerts and various music competitions in Finland. She has won the Finnish Stage Star competition in 1996, and has been a finalist of the Tango competition twice in 2011 and 2012. Finally, Heidi was crowned the Tango Queen of Finland in 2013, a moment she says was a long-time dream come true. Heidi Pakarinen released her debut album Sun kuningatar (Your Queen) in May 2014  by Sony Music Entertainment Finland.

Every new step has brought more savoir-faire and confidence to Heidi, and her own personal merits, like  good voice quality, musicality, and own strong will have been of great help in creating her career. Heidi is at her best at live situations: concerts and gigs as she always gives her best, delivering warmth, energy and good spirit. Heidi underlines love and feelings, charisma, and the joy of music and life.

In musical concern Heidi is very precise: she respects quality melodies, harmonic beauty and professional arrangements.  Her own favorite genres in music are passionate tangos, stylish schlagers and popular dance music songs. At the moment Heidi has the possibility to work with the best music professionals, singer-songwriters and producers in Finland. Heidi is signed in Sony Music Entertainment Finland, and her gigs are organized by Auraviihde.

In 2015 Heidi Pakarinen takes part in the UMK 2015, the Finnish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, where eighteen acts will compete for the right to represent Finland in Vienna. The song is Bon Voyage – a song that brings back the golden ages of disco-schlager.

– Bon Voyage is very rhytmichal and eclectic retro-disco song with old-fashioned violin and wind instrument arrangent. You can´t listen to it standing still… The lyrics is about a woman who strongly loves her man but sees no happy end to the story, and is willing to love him so much that let´s him go. She wishes him all the best – and Bon voyage, Heidi describes the song.

This year’s Finnish selection will consist of three semifinals to be held live on the 7th. the 14th and the 21st of February 2015 with the national final taking place on the 28th of February 2015. Let´s vote for Heidi!


• Tangomarkkinat 2011 – compilation (Tulisuudelma- El choclo – Heidi Pakarinen)
• Tangomarkkinat 2012 – compilation (Yön kuningatar – Heidi Pakarinen)
• Siks’ oon mä suruinen – single 2013
• Värähtelyjä – single 2013
• Sun kuningatar – single and music video 2014
• Sun kuningatar – album 5/2014
• Bon voyage – single and music video 1/2015
• Uuden musiikin kilpailu 2015 – compilation (Bon voyage – Heidi Pakarinen)